Sunday, 13 March 2016


Frida Kahlo has been my heroine for a long time - because of a horrific car accident in her youth she lived with a LOT of pain and wore a leather corset because of back injuries.  But she made art and painted anyway, sometimes even from her bed.  If she can do it, then so can I ...
You can see the very simple way the page began with a background of pink and touches of lilac.   Teesha Moore (another of my heroines and a real inspiration) issued a challenge to do something with cut outs from one of her pages, and I found the idea intriguing.  What you see below is various shapes cut out and laid over my pinky background, and I really liked the result!
But it did seem to need a strong black line (Posca paint pen) to delineate the various "windows" as I was thinking of them.  You may also notice that I added a touch more orange paint around the centre.
So then I had Frida looking bravely and somewhat challengingly out of my 'windows".  Her direct gaze made me think about being brave when I really wasn't feeling it, and that's where the words came from.
And then I remembered that saying about bravery not being the absence of fear, but acknowledging your fear and going on anyway, and I figured that DID make me brave, however little I felt it!
The wormhole doodling was an afterthought but I like the way it enhances the window effect and the sense of seeing through .... I'd never had page a page like this without Teesha's challenge as inspiration!

And, I have the most amazing news to report.  The lab results from himself's surgery came back completely clear of cancer, COMPLETELY.  It wasn't in the lymph nodes at all, so he has an all clear and no further treatment.  It has to be the result of the many prayers which were offered on our behalf, and we can't quite take it in yet ... although we have booked a holiday!!


alexa said...

Oh, what wonderful, wonderful news and I am so delighted to read this, Rosie! Your bright page is a testament to your honesty and courage. Inspiring indeed!

jinxxxygirl said...

OMGosh sweety!! i can feel your relief from here!!! Thank goodness! Some good news!!! Yes by all means go have your Holiday... I love this page... i like the worms and color.. Hugs! deb

Anonymous said...

What fabulous news about your husband, Rosie. I'm so happy for you both. And I love everything about this page. It makes me smile. As always, I enjoy and appreciate seeing and reading about its progression.

Beacee said...

So pleased the news is good for himself! Prayers answered indeed.
A lovely bright page - remember just how brave you have been in the past year. Enjoy a well deserved holiday.
Love and prayers for you both xxxx

Giulietta said...

Love Frida Kahlo
Thank you, God!

ct said...

I am so happy to read of your good news- i check your postings and admire your work. Congratulations on the wonderful, wonderful news.

Stella said...

Have you got a video of your process I love your work and want to create something similar but I have no idea of where to start - thank you in advance