Monday, 2 February 2015



I was a bit fed up when I made this ... you might just possibly be able to tell!?  Life the universe and everything was rather getting to me and I used my journal to deal with it.

So this was me making a blue/green background, because that was the mood I was in - Neocolour II crayons and a strip of collage map. When the background was dry I dripped water onto it and I really like the result that gives.
Then I went hunting through my collage box for greeny/blue colours and cut out a series of scallop shapes.  The blue stars are from some salvaged wrapping paper, and the blue lady is by Picasso when he was still painting real people!  She looks as fed up as I felt.
So then I got out my pens to alter the scallops a bit - I like to change them so that they become "mine" so to speak.  While using a blue paint pen on the top left scallop and it went a bit dry, so I did that thing where you shake the pen and press the nib up and down.  Surprise surprise, the result was a blob of blue paint above the big star.  After cursing horribly for a moment (yes, and me a woman of the cloth) I got out a straw and while it was still wet blew it into a prettier pattern, so's I could pretend it was there on purpose.  Then I just got down on paper my very strong urge to hide from all the people who wanted to talk to me ....
And then I just doodled a bit in the spaces until it felt "done".  I'd seen the black "leaves" somewhere and liked them, so tried them out here; the yellow dots are posca paint pen, which writes brilliantly over just about anything.  All the black work is done with a paint pen too, including the lettering.
Art journalling is SO therapeutic - by the time I'd finished I'd pretty much got over my frustration. Well .... almost!


viv said...

Rosie, I know how you feel at the moment. I think the weather and time of the year has a lot to do with it.

Once again a great page. I laughed at your dealing with the blot. They do say there are no mistakes in art (or dressmaking) only designer features ;)

alexa said...

I loved the splash :). And it is always so fascinating to see the evolution of your pages ... I do hope you've been able to hunker down and just do what you need to do :). I have a whole clutch of Posca pens now and really ought to try them out. I always find your work so inspiring and, being a bit in the doldrums myself having pulled muscles in my back shovelling our blooming eleven inches of snow, some art journalling could be very therapeutic!