Friday, 13 February 2015


If you follow my work at all you'll know that I often work with a limited colour palette - if I start off with blue paint, then I tend to pick out blue pieces of collage, and so on.  I just got made that way. However, on this occasion I was trying to break out beyond my usual boundaries .... so I made this background of strong bright/clashing colours.
Then I began to add bits of collage and some strong black lines to mark the page into sections - don't ask me why, I just wanted to!  Nothing was planned at this stage, it generally never is: I just go with my gut and make shapes and draw lines in whatever way feels right.
But, as always, when I began to write things that need to come out bubbled up from the depths - the first words I put down were "I feel confused", tucked away in the corner as if I was ashamed of feeling that way, and the rest seemed to flow from there.

I love the bright colours and bold shapes I've put down here, but also the way there's no structure here, it all seems a bit random - which strongly reflected how I was feeling at a time when nothing was really making sense.
Its always satisfying to get something out of your head and down on paper, and it was particularly so on this occasion.  Things are no clearer than they were but I feel more comfortable with letting it be like that, especially when there's nothing I can do except wait for things to be different.

As you know I always have fun adding all the dots and doodles at the end, though on this occasion I'm wondering if I might have gone a bit over the top?  Whatever, it is what is is, a glorious muddle of confusion and bright spots - a bit like my life really!


Mary said...

I love everything about your pages...from color, to image, to words.

I love how they evolve and flow.

jinxxxygirl said...

So funny Rosie.... Not your art piece put the fact that i had a piece published in the new ArtJournal Kickstarter book and i said basically the same thing...

That i know 'Less is More' and that i should leave a place for the eye to rest but.... I never listen...LOL! Love this page! Hugs! deb

Linda Vincent said... certainly woke me up with that one has the wow factor!

alexa said...

It's glorious! A riot of bright colour and wonderful organic shapes ... I wish I was this confused :).

Beacee said...

Love the colours!