Saturday, 26 July 2014


With this page I really wanted to be quite wild and free, especially in the colour department!  It was one of those times when, as quite often happens, I had no idea what I wanted to say until I got around to saying it. Below was the painted background I started from - it took me a while to realise that these could be as messy as I liked, since most of it will be covered up anyway.
Interesting how different colours can look in varying lights - the above picture was taken in the evening under electric light, but the others in the daytime, where you can see the true red and oranges more clearly.

I'd found these bits of doodly scrapbook paper left over from another project, and just loved these scribbly shapes, so cut some out and just plonked them down.  By the way I use PVA glue (Anita's) to stick down everything, I buy a big bottle and then decant it at need into little fine top glue bottles - cheap and easy.

I've recently discovered the joys of printed tissue paper, which I put on with gel medium - if you see any grab some, it makes great collage, and I like the transparency of it.  I've got some plain tissue and plan to try printing my own using stamps - yet another item on my long list of things to get around to ....
Next I used a fine liner pen to sort of extend the wiggly lines a bit, but then I just went for it with a Promarker and drew huge squiggles as well. The page had got to this stage when it suddenly came to me what I wanted to say, so I wrote it in grey Posca paint pen - I get these at my local art materials shop.
And after that I just did my usual pleasurable squiggling and doodling, mostly using the Posca pens.  These come in different nib thicknesses and buying a few at a time I've now got a nice selection of colours.  The general loudness of the page (I was thinking fireworks and names in lights) made me realise that I don't want those things any more, if I ever did.  Fame is over-rated it really is, not that I seem to be at real risk of having any!!  That's the way I like it, burbling along in my own little corner of the world, with occasional travels to broaden my mind.

We've just done something totally out of character - which is to impulsively bring home a stray cat which had been hanging around a place we visit regularly for a week.  Now he (newly named William) and Stanley appear to be good buddies after less than an hour's acquaintance, and have taken themselves off upstairs on a voyage of exploration.  How nice is that?  And we'll overlook the deep scratches on my arm from trying to stuff a very frightened little cat into a carrier .... he didn't mean it.  Note to self, do NOT fall head over heels for this little chap until we've checked in at the vet's on Monday and established whether or not he's micro-chipped.  Hmmm, might already be too late on that one.


Monica said...

Stepped out of Bloglovin and googled your blog and now can comment. Oh I am so thrilled you found another pussycat and that he and Stanley became friends. Hope the scratches heal up fast. Sounds like peace and harmony has arrived.

Debs M said...

another great page - love the colours x

alexa said...

Welcome to William! And I am amazed by your developing the layering on the page - each one is so interesting in itself. And a great realisation to have come to.

Anonymous said...

And was he chipped? And has he stayed?
Did the girls get to see him?