Saturday, 19 July 2014


Just a quick post because I've been away this week and am still tired.  This is a page I was particularly pleased with - I've seen some black and grey pages that intrigued me but didn't want to do without colour completely, so told myself I could have just one!

Unfortunately I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I forgot to take a picture until I got to the point below, but I think you can probably see its evolution anyway?  The background is Caran D'Ache crayons as usual, and I added a grey border with Posca paint pens.  I've made myself some collage sheets using Modigliani images (now out of copyright), and when making copies I accidentally pressed the black and white button instead of colour.  Great result, talk about serendipity, and I've loved using the black and white images, and of course the lady bottom right is one of these.

The glasses are the top are a stamp by Stampers Anonymous - a Memento ink pad works well over the crayons as long as they aren't too thick and waxy.  Then as you can see I let rip with the writing, except for the drawing of a life plan page, and some Posca Paint decorations in the top right corner.
The little panel in the bottom right is another home-made collage sheet - I borrowed an idea from Teesha Moore and made colour copies of some of my pages and cut them up to make collage images for future use.
Not nearly as much doodly drawing on this one because I actually like the spaces here.  Luckily I took this photo of the finished page BEFORE disaster struck!  I had used a very soft pencil to add shading around the figure and noticed it was coming off onto the facing page, so decided to seal this one using Mod Podge.  I THINK that what I'd used for some of the writing may not have been totally dry, so to cut a long story short the black lettering got smeared.  Aaarrgghh.  I've cleaned it up as best I can but the result is nowhere near as clean and crisp as in this picture.  Lesson learned.  I just love these colours though, and can't wait to use them again!!

And as for being more clear sighted ... well that's a work in progress, but I am trying not to be someone who is just swept along by things but to make and implement decisions to achieve the things I'm after.  Its all a bit hit and miss, what with the brain fog, and I don't have much control but I do have a BIT.  And that helps.  I'll keep working on it!


Debs M said...

great page - love the colours! x

viv said...

Another inspirational page. I hope you had a good week away.

Shyni Moon said...

I LOVE what you've done here. I'm a full spectrum (And no winner of spelling bee) sort of gal so working in gray and black scares me. This POSCA markers - is that something only available in Europe? I tried to get my hands on some but it's not easily found...:( and Toronto hasn't a really big art community to shop from; where can I get some?

Denise Reed said...

Love the inspiration, new to art journalling---no need to comment, repeated post are comment enough. Thanks for the post.

alexa said...

Wonderful ... The lemony-lime is great with the monochrome. And I love the dots around your lady - it seems to make her glow :).

Faith said...

I just adore your style. I think you found me on Facebook a while back and I saved your link like forever. Now wishing I'd visited sooner! I'm just eating up every page!