Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Well the new Studio looked like this at one stage in the move - and I thought that wasn't too bad at the time. Unfortunately it got worse before it got better, and I haven't got pictures of the stage when you could hardly get in the room, let alone see the floor - I didn't have the heart to take any! I could have cried to be honest, thinking I'd never get it all sorted out, but that was tiredness.

And it did get worse before it got better (of course) when I had stuff everywhere and couldn't seem to find a home for most of it .... which was the point at which I concluded I might (just possibly) have enough stuff! OK I know that's not actually possible, so let's just say enough to fill my Studio and then some! By the time I took this picture below, the dog could see the rabbit, but I was still struggling to see how it would all fit in. It has of course, but that's a story for another day, when I take the pictures of it all finished and lovely (which it nearly is).
But I did manage to clear enough desk space for a bit more journalling - this is a quote (possibly biblical?) that I came across and it really spoke to me. I'd made a background with offcuts of scrapbook papers, with a patchwork border, and I just got a big brown pen and wrote it in the centre of the page.
It didn't seem to jump off the page quite the way I wanted it to, so I began to outline the letters with a black pen. You can see what a difference that made, although I did get fed up because it took ages to do and I got cramp in my arthrickety hand!!
Anyway, there wasn't much space to add more, which was OK because that seemed like all I wanted to say - its a question I can't answer yet. So this is the finished page and I'm quite pleased with it. I added Bette Davis because the expression on her face reflects exactly how I feel - a bit stunned and confused, but overall doing as well as can be expected .....


Artyjen said...

The room is on it's way to looking fabulous! I find it's the tiredness more than anything when the tears start too!!
Have a creative week
xoxo Sioux

Sandra Hall said...

The page is fabulous Rosie - your explanation and the addition of the 'stunned and confused' Bette Davis just finishes it off! The story of unpacking your room raised a smile :) I dread moving my stash but its got to happen and soon! x

YorkshireKaren said...

Ooh Rosie, you're definitely getting there, your room is starting to look very scrap-worthy...and I applaud your taste in pink craft bags and cases, as they are exactly the same as MINE!!!
Love your journal page, and hope that getting it all off your chest like this is proving cathartice for you. I just know when you sound as lovely as you do that you're bound to settle in soon xx

Boxoftrix said...

What a lovely new space to fill! you will get there I love the quote and your page, I always enjoy seing your journal pages, I started my 1st after reading your blog but I couldnt decide what to write in it...I guess i have some way to go!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Your craft space is gorgeous and so much natural light, PERFECT. Love your journal page. Tracy x

Jackie said...

It certainly looked very ship shaped when I popped in. I went home and cried (Not really but my room is very small and very scruffy compared with yours)
Thanks for the hospitality.

alexa said...

What a wonderful quotation! Not come across this before, and as I love all things to do with the sea and boats ... oh, the pull of that sea, and yet the dear of being so small in it! I am sure the wind of inspiration will continue to catch your sails :). Lovely, lovely page.

Doone said...

I can see you are in a state of progression and in the direction of some kind of harbour?

My boys were sent on their way into life with the quote - 'I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship'(Louisa May Alcott)

Some people choose to live a life shore bound. They will never now the joy of overcoming a challenge, or as niall says

' are you snatching defeat from the jaws of victory' (yes he does say it that way round especially when I am having a downer on myself).

Theresa said...

LOVE the quotation and journal page Rosie:)
Never fear...your studio will eventually get there. Looks like you're not far away...and then it will be time to buy more STUFF;)