Sunday, 14 March 2010


Am I a lucky mummy or what? These gorgeous flowers were a gift from my two younger daughters, and my eldest bought me a pack of Basic Grey Marrakesh papers!! Happy dance was going on here .... and nobody got me any diet-busting chocs either!

And if that wasn't quite enough to make me happy, on Friday I went to the new hobbycrafts show at Malvern, and came home with a selection of goodies! I got some of those flat boxes to store my papers in (I like to keep packs like Basic Grey together), a few more stamps (can you ever have enough?), some Tim Holtz loveliness, and assorted brads and flowers. And all this was 5 miles away from home, so practically on my doorstep!

Alas, all this joyfulness was a bit much for a woman in my feeble condition, so have been feeling rather grot ever since. Never mind, it was all worth it, and if I stayed home being sensible all the time I'd never have any fun!


Deezines Art said...

You are so lucky Rosie, my daughter went out "clubbing" last night (she turned 18 Wednesday) and completely forgot about me. Hope you feel better soon and have fun playing with all the stuff you bought Friday - Jacqueline x

Kimmie said...

Happy Mum's day! you deserve it!

Lynn said...

Wow, this bouquet is absolutely gorgeous, roll on Spring, and lucky you finding all those lovely supplies :) Hope you are resting today.

Linda said...

I'm trying not to be jealous of those supplies....but its not working!!
Wonderful flowers....hope you had a lovely day.

Alix said...

nothing more than you deserve, lovely woman and super mum that you are xxx