Sunday, 7 March 2010


Remember my arty journal box, in which I was going to make a panel for each month? (Scroll down and find it and January's page). Well this is February's. The size is 4 x 6" so it isn't large, but big enough I find to do something meaningful with. I've been having a lot more pain in recent months, which has made me a bit spiky and grumpy, and I realised I'd sort of put life on hold until it got better. Well it hasn't, so February was a process of learning to say ... just get on with life anyway, and this new stamp I bought rather celebrates that don't you think?

So anyway, I had a lovely, grungey, distress inky sort of session in my favourite browns and golds (with wings OF COURSE) so am quite pleased that this says what I was trying to capture. As with the January card, there is hand-written journalling on the back to explain the image, but that's a bit private, although the general gist of it is above. I've really been re-discovering Tim Holtz and all his stuff (thanks Linda E!) so treated myself recently to this stamp and the crows on the wire one above. Now to save up for some of those scrumptious (if expensive) embellishments he does .....


**Leanne Marie** said...

Hey..Just Thought Id Pop By And Say You Have A Great Blog Here!!
Keep Up The Good Work Hun!!
Ive Just Started A New Blog :D
Love Leanne

Linda Elbourne said...

This is a lovely page ... but then you surely knew I would like it :0) XXX

Artyjen said...

A little stunner......gorgeous colours and love the positioning of all the elements.

magpie said...

Rosie I love your journal page...... I am also a fan of LindaE..... techniques....
The quote is good and the colours well are fab..
Good idea to do a page a month.. I like it..
Sharon xx

Heather said...

Love this journal page - I'm a Tim Holtz fan too and have just bought his book. I'm fairly new to crafts and am really a textile artist. Hope some milder weather will help reduce your pain - my youngest daughter has fibro-myalgia, it's a beast isn't it?

Linda said...

Love this....and like Heather I've just bought the new Tim Holtz book. Although I do more with textiles these days I still like to go back to Tim's brilliant techniques every now and then.
The stamp is great (at first I thought it said ' in the pain'. Hope you're feeling ok today my friend.
Linda x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So lovely Rosie! Those golden wings are WOW! Great closeup view too!
I just used that quote in a blog post, it's perfect, isn't it!

Eiglas said...

Wonderful project and marvellous attitude! Life IS what happens to you whilst you are waiting for life to start.
Hope your discomfort is getting better every day.

Lynn said...

And what a perfect quote for your page, which is amazing. I love the vintage old look.
Do you use affirmations for your pain Rosie? It can help sometimes and you can find lots by doing a search on google for healing affirmations.