Friday, 11 September 2009


This is turning out to be a really special project for me, particularly since I'm too busy with other stuff at the moment and not getting enough time just to make art. Doing the journal means I have to take time every day to reflect on my life and produce another page, and without it I think I'd be getting frazzled!

We live in a beautiful old house which is desperately cold in the winter, and my heart sinks a bit as we get into September. We'd hoped to have secondary double glazing in the main rooms by now, but this has had to go on the back burner, so we're in for yet another winter of huddling in thermal vests and thick sweaters. Hey ho, it's still a beautiful house and I feel lucky to live here. Maybe it will be a mild winter??

I was so busy dreading the cold days to come that I forgot to notice the mellow beauty of this time of year ... this is a leaf from a vine which grows outside in a corner of the garden. You can eat the grapes and it amazes us every year. It's colours are so beautiful in Autumn, and of course I love this vivid pink, so this is what my page was about .... not forgetting to notice the beautiful.


Lori Saul said...

This beautiful journal page really captures the colors of early autumn- color is so important! The seasons seem to set up our art palettes naturally! Happy journalling!

Linda said...

I somehow missed this post Rosie....but what a treat to have just found it! I love the colours and the patterns on the leaves - and you are right; love it or hate it we should at least try to enjoy the beauty of Autumn.
I will try........