Saturday, 21 February 2009


I had a go at Linda's rock challenge over on Awfully Big Art Adventure, but only just finished it. Managed to nettle myself collecting this from the garden, but I suppose we all have to suffer for our art!!

I painted it with a gorgeous Lumiere paint called Metallic Russet - it looks more like pink to me - added a pewter heart and the message "love is all you need". I absolutely believe that nothing in the world matters except love and how much of it we give away, so this is a message to myself.

I finished it off with a spiral pattern of silver dots - I was sort of thinking of aboriginal art and ancient rocks and tribal memory etc..... I know what I mean! This is going to sit near my pooter with some of my other "treasures".


Linda said...

Its fab Rosie! I love everything about it...thanks for throwing your 'heart' and soul into it!!
Linda xx

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Just fabulous Rosie! Lumiere paints are so wonderful, aren't they!
Another brilliant much fun seeing everyone's creations!

J and Z said...

wonderful rock, rosie!! you have such a way with the metal bits...that heart looks perfect with your red background!! i also like the harry potter book you made on abaa today! delightful!

LazyKay said...



Jaqi said...

I hadnt thought about aboriginal art until you mentioned it but i think you are right.
Its a lovely rock , another great example of your work, Jaqi

Melisa said...

I love your rock! It is now a treasure.