Sunday, 1 February 2009


Sometimes I'm just in pink mode and that's that .... and no bad thing at all if I say so myself. I was just having a wacky 5 minutes with this, using a scrap of pinky paper and adding a little house from the Invoke Arts set. Bit of a Hawaiian maiden image, can't even remember where it's from, and of course it needed wings didn't it?

Do you ever have days when you don't want to do a challenge, don't want to do anything except freely create just for yourself? I think it's important that we do, and so I DID!


LazyKay said...

She looks very rosy! Yes, I like doing things without a theme and just as the mood takes me - often these come out the best - well, I think they do.

Lovely piece.


Anonymous said...

Just how I would love to feel----pretty and happy in my own little space, flying where my imagination takes me----!

It's lovely, as ever, Rosie.

Kris Dickinson said...

Awsome piece Rosie!

Jaqi said...

Very Pretty, and I agree it is important to do things other than challenges, I really like this image it reminds me of my favourite ELVIS film Blue Hawaii. Jaqi

Kris Dickinson said...

Darling house!