Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Yes, I'm still playing with metal - and to my delight the challenge over on Step Outside your Box was METAL! So my challenge was to make an ATC using metal.

This is another of my Distress ink watermarked backgrounds which seemed like a perfect colour to set against silver. I used a small mould to give me fleur de lys motif and embellished it a bit, antiquing it with blue rather than black, then mounted the panel on one side. Thinking about silver led me to Mexico and thence to Frida. I love this image of her in black and white, but it makes her seem sad and reflective somehow.

Once more the edge got the treatment with those new Kelly Panacci stamps which I've already used such a lot. Not sure why I chose this title - my brain is still slightly fogged - but I think I know what I mean anyway!


Jaqi said...

Oh shes lovely. I know just who will be after this atc......LINDA !
its very clever how you have done it , and this image of frida is so clear. Very nice indeed, Jaqi x

Suzi said...

I was just flipping thur a list on blogs and came upon yours...perfect timing because in cleaning out an old cabnet I found two signed metal pieces that had been a gift from a visitor from Equador and I pulled them out to try to find out more about the process..which I'm totally unfamiliar with it. So thanks for what I can gleen from your blog.

crissi said...

stunning piece rosie love that colour

MAGPIE said...

Rosie I love what you have done very clever
Sharon xx

Susan Hickam said...

Wow! that is really wonderful! Thanks for the kind comments you left earlier- I look forward to the next challange.

Linda said...

Gorgeous!! Love the colours, love the metal, love the image.....
Jaqi knows me well.
Linda xxx

Carol said...

WOW this is beautiful, love the image, saw a film on TV recently about her which was brilliant to!

Love the colours and your metal work!!


Kaz Scrapz said...

Beautiful Rosie - love that metal edge!
xxx Karen