Monday, 13 October 2008


I'm absolutely loving working with this soft metal. Such a great technique, and although the embossing makes my arthritic fingers hurt it's getting easier. I was just experimenting with these two panels (each about 3" x 2") and it's interesting just how much difference the antiquing process makes (using black paint which you rub on and then wipe off). As you can see, the right hand panel is very clean and clear and looks like bright tin, but the left hand with black worked into the design has many more subtleties and has an almost pewter finish to it.

I've now bought some copper too and want to explore colour changing effects using the heat gun on it. All my supplies came from LB Crafts and I've got to thank Sharon for all her help and advice so far - thanks hun!


Bunty said...

Beautiful work Rosie - what do you use as a mould? I have tried smaller pieces of the foil but haven't attempted anything that large. I would be interested to hear what you use and how easy it is to handle on a bigger item.


pammyjo said...

What is the product? Like a metal foil? Really sparking my interest. Very nice designs. DO you just free hand or is there patterns too and a special tool? I like the result of putting the paint on the best.

LazyKay said...

Beautiful, I love how you've worked all the different patterns together.


MAGPIE said...

Rosie..... WOW WEE...... You did a brill job.... amazing What are you going to put the panels on?
Very rewarding to do this technique

Sharon xx

Carol said...


Viola said...

Fabulous work, Rosie!

Linda said...

Very neat and ornate...I love what you and Sharon are doing.

Jaqi said...

lovely Rosie, and very effective, well done, Jaqi x