Friday, 23 May 2008


I've always loved this portrait so was delighted to find it produced as a stamp by Chapel Road Artstamps. When TMTA set their weekly challenge on the theme of "Women in Art" it was a great opportunity to use the stamp for the first time. I've given it a relatively simple treatment so as not to distract attention from that serene face - I stamped it onto white card then watercoloured and cut it out to mount on the background. I used watercolour shading to make the face stand out. The famous pearl earring gets a bit lost somehow, so I gave her a gold one instead! I enjoyed working on this - something of her serenity seemed to transfer itself to me in the process - never a bad thing!!


Chriss Rollins said...

when you left you were a pin girl have returned a blue girl.
this is beautiful.
chriss x

LazyKay said...


Jaqi said...

Oh Rosey,This is lovely, before i read the script i thought of the film the girl with the pearl earing, so you have created the look beautifully. Well done, I knew you would be back into the swing of things soon! Jaqi x