Friday, 2 May 2008


I found some little houses on Kathy's Blog and was completely blown away by them, and wanted to make some myself. These are what I've managed so far, they are quite small but the taller one is a bit bigger than an ATC. As I'm about to go away for two weeks my challenge is to make some little houses to swap with me when I get back on 20th May. If lots of you take up this idea it may take me a little while to make all the swaps but I hope you won't mind waiting? See you soon I'm off to CRETE!


Chriss Rollins said...

Hey Rosie these are beautiful i for one will do a swap i would love one of your houses in fact i would like 3 and i will make you 3 if you are feeling up to it on your return ..i think its a great challenge..thanx for that.
chriss x
have a fab holiday..did you get my email on thursday?

LazyKay said...

What a lovely idea, you seem to have been inspired by the shape because these pieces are great.


sakazoke said...

These are lovely Rosie. Im not into all collage but i will give your challenge a go if i can use half and half? Ive made a few houses just using stamps and loved them.
Thanks for sharing yours with us. Gives me food for thought. Have a wonderful holiday in crete with your sister. We shall miss you.

Mandy C said...

i'll do a swap with you Rosie

sharon said...

I love your houses!
Mine are in the post to you for swapsies! I love looking at your work Rosie, you have inspired me to be a bit more experimentive with collage and I'm looking through my mags and papers for suitable images and texts.
Thank you!!!
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Your houses are FABULOUS, Rosie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my houses here. I look forward to visiting again and seeing what other new creations you post.

Linda said...

I've made 3 up to now Rosie (and you've been away one week)Hopefully there'll be more to come.
Loing the challenge!
Love Linda x

Linda said...

Or maybe even 'loving' the challenge!!!!

Jaqi said...

Oh Rosie, what lovely little houses, I would love to have a go, dont know if it will be good enough to swap tho! My dolly for Lindas sway caused a stir at home, I didnt do a very good job and my kids think its so funny! goodness knows what i will create when i try to do a house! But i will try! Jaqi x

She said...

Hi Rosie, what great houses! I love them. I'll be making some for the swap on UKS, but I'd love to do a swap with you :-) Hope you had a lovely holiday. xxx