Saturday, 5 January 2019

Apologies for being missing ... my life was interrupted not only by the Christmas and New Year holiday activities, but also by being ill the entire time.  NOT the most festive of seasons, and therefore more time was spent on the sofa than at my desk working in my journal.

This is the solitary page I produced, and while its not necessarily one of my best or most inventive, it does capture that beginning of a new year feeling, always a reflective time for me.  Wishing to strike a positive note I painted the page red and added the beginnings of a collage border.
And then below you can see the border pretty much finished and looking suitably cheerful.
Adding black outlines, grey shadows and a human being turned it into something more personal and genuinely my own.  I like to think this Modigliani lady looks slightly doubtful but vaguely optimistic, where is where early January found me!
So then I set out my thoughts concerning a new year - I never make resolutions - but I am hoping for and expecting the usual mixed bag of highs and lows.  Bring it on because experience teaches that both turn out to be blessings in the fullness of time ...
Forgive me that this is somewhat brief, am still far from well - when you are immune suppressed you never get mild infections only Great Big Horrible ones that can put you in hospital.  It almost did but I talked my way out of it, saying that my Beloved would look after me at home better than they ever could.  Which turns out to be true.
Many Blessings to you and yours in 2019.

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alexa said...

So sorry to read you have been poorly :(. But glad you have someone in your life who is keeping an eye on you and supporting you. Studying the development of your page is always so interesting and the lady looks quite wide-eyed and open in her calmness - hoping that the year ahead brings lots of positive things for you.