Sunday, 26 November 2017


You know how many of us experience a dissonance between the person we are (or would like to be) inside, and what actually happens in real life?  Yeah, that.  Anyway, you'd think in my six decades I've have got this sussed, and I have ... just not all the time.  Anyway, that's where this page is coming from.

As ever, just an easy yellow painted background and then my (lazy) technique of doing a collaged border around the page.  This is what I do when I can't think of anything else, or don't have the energy.
Then below you see the finished border with black lines and grey shadows added, which makes a huge difference.  A bit more collage too - notably this Modigliani redhead.  I love his portraits and can use them freely without infringement of copyright :)
Then as usual the writing - which starts as very simple lettering and then I go back and add fancy bits.  Practice a bit on a piece of paper - I promise you its easy.  I try never to write in straight lines and mix up capitals and lower case, then I don't have to worry about staying straight or whatever!
After that comes my favourite part - the doodling in the spaces!  I just draw happily with my Posca Paint pens until it looks finished.
My feisty inner self is allowed to say what she thinks freely and clearly.  In reality, as a Priest you have to be a peacemaker who is always pouring oil on troubled waters, trying not to take sides etc etc .... but inside you're often thinking "will you just shut up and go away"?

This becomes so ingrained that even now I'm retired its still hard to stand my ground, and say NO, or I can't go along with that.  I am working on it but .... well its a work in progress, and so am I.


Dawn said...

Must be hard to count to ten sometimes! Lovely page as always. Gentle hugs xx

alexa said...

You know, Rosie, I'm admiring this super page and thinking "But this feisty redhead IS the reality! The other one is an acquired overlay which probably had very good reasons for growing the way it did - but it might not longer be needed quite as much?" Sorry if I have spoken out of turn :(.