Sunday, 23 July 2017


Another simple background, made with standard craft acrylics.  I painted the paler blue first then added the darker blue using a baby wipe, which allows you to smear and smudge to get the effect you want.  A quick easy technique to borrow?
I sometimes make backgrounds ahead of time, especially on days when I can't really manage anything more complicated.  When I decide on a background to use, the next thing that comes out is usually the shallow tray of collage pieces.  I'm always collecting these - magazines and free leaflets etc are a good source - and I file them by colour.  I know its terribly predictable, but I can't help it, so when I've made a blue background I get out the blues-purples tray.  I just got made that way ....  Anyway I LIKE tone on tone pages.
And you can see below what I did with the contents - I just cut out shapes to create some kind of frame around the page.  Then I outline the shapes with grey marker to create shadows, and a black outline.  The bird cut out from a magazine gave me the idea for what I wanted to say.
Then the next stage is to include something human to represent myself on the page, and very often the writing comes after that. These stages aren't a prescription for how to journal, but its a tried and tested way of working on days when I'm not full of genius inspiration (which is mostly)!
And then I just doodle around and have fun with whatever parts of the page are left.  On this occasion I managed to leave quite a bit of space, not least because that's the subject of the page!

Mental space has been a little hard to find in recent days - so this is a reminder to myself that its something I really NEED and actually can't live without.


Dawn said...

You are an inspiration to me you know! How you manage to get anything made whilst dealing with the day to day trials of fibro. I was diagnosed 12 years ago and I find fibro affects my creativity and gives me a total lack of imagination. The projects to do are piling up around me. Hee. Well done xx

Anonymous said...

another beautiful page

Sande said...


I want to start out by saying that I am so happy I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago. It was meant to they say. It makes me wish I lived in the UK. As Dawn said you are an inspiration both in your strength and your creative mind. I love this journal page especially the colors, as they are so soothing and peaceful. You have actually kicked started my desire to create. Thank you.