Friday, 28 October 2016


Apologies that I was AWOL last week - life got a bit complicated with one friend having surgery which she might not survive and another having a major stroke.

When I'm stressed, which of course I was, it tends to make my pain worse so all in all it wasn't a very good time ... and that's when I made this page.  As ever, it really REALLY helps to get things off my chest like this.

I was just painting pages in a random fashion, and one of them was this lovely lime green with a touch of brighter green.  It seemed like the right kind of colour for the mood I was in.
And then, having no particular plan, I just began to add bits of collage.  A besetting sin of mine is to reach for more of the same colour, and sometimes I have to remind myself that you are allowed to use more than one shade - as many as you like in fact.  But anyway, this page remained steadfastly green.
As you know, I often put a black line or a shadow around elements on my pages, and the following picture shows what a difference doing so can make.  I used a grey paint pen rather than black here and you can see how it can be used to unify the different elements into a whole.
A bit more collage and then it was out with the white paint pen, and I found myself doing these wavy stripey lines - not something I've done before, but I like the effect.
Then finally I wrote down what was going through my head - on this occasion a bit of a wallow in self-pity.  It happens sometimes but I try not to let it too often, because it only leads to even darker moods and places.  As ever, getting it onto paper also helps to get it OUT and that's the best way I know to let go of a black mood.
A little image to signify a small sick and tired me, plus some more white doodling and a touch of turquoise, and it was done.  The white "tentacles" creeping towards me strongly suggest the feeling of being overwhelmed don't they? I didn't plan it that way but my subconscious possibly did.

It is SO good to be journalling again (I may have mentioned that already) and as an unexpected bonus finding new friends as a result!

PS One friend came through the surgery and is now recovering really well.  The other has had a series of complications and is now dying ... so I'm making another page about that.


Sarah Peck said...

So sorry to hear about your friends Rosie. i do so love your art and reading your thoughts. Thank you for sharing your journey. Sending you love and healing Sarah

Monica said...

Sadly Rosie, once we reach "retirement"age, our group of friends becomes smaller as nature takes over. It is so very hard. We also have the opportunity to rejoice in recoveries and plans for sharing the future years.

Look forwards always to your spreads and how you create them and use them therapeutically to move along. They cannot banish sorrow but sometimes art is that special way to initiate fond memories.


Leslie Sharp said...

I am also so sad for your friend's situation. Your posts are ALWAYS inspiring and touch my heart. Thank you!

alexa said...

I am sad to learn of your friend's illness - sometimes it seems to touch the lives of almost everyone we know, and it can be hard to see any hopeful daylight when we look around. It is always such a delight to see your page as it progresses, and despite the tentacles and how small you look, I can't help thinking that green is such a vibrant colour, full of life ...