Sunday, 27 September 2015


The genesis of this page was in a trip away from home where the weather was warm and wonderful, and I was much better health and pain wise ... and of course we were free from the usual demands on us.  Coming back was hard because I also came back to the reality of living in a colder rather than a wondrously warm climate, where the pain is so much less.  If I could live somewhere warm all the time ..... but alas Lancashire in north-west England is home, and its cold.

So as ever I got what I was feeling down on paper and got over it!  This is just about my favourite colour combination - blue and green - and I'm really fond of this acidic lime green.  The collage materials came mostly from a home wares catalogue which yielded all sorts of wonderful colour and pattern - and best of all was free!  I don't always work like this but you can see here how I gradually built up a border around the painted page.
Then I added the eye, the human (blue with cold?) and one or two other bits, just to break up the straight lines.  You can also see a bit of doodling and on the right some printed tissue paper which I pasted down with matte medium.  If you see any nice printed tissue paper grab it because its great for collage.
Then of course the writing - still trying to remind myself NOT to write in straight lines, but I don't always remember.
And then I finished it off with all manner of doodling, dots and whathaveyou which I can never resist.  Paint pens figure heavily at this stage, and I have them in a wide variety of nib widths.
And to answer those of you who were kind enough to ask - Himself has now had two operations and we are now at the crossroads waiting for lab results, following which its either a big operation or chemotherapy.  Getting read to move house in a few weeks time is a challenge while dealing with all this, but oddly enough it takes your mind off worrying about the cancer when you have to think about flooring and tiles, and shall we have French doors or a sliding patio door.

We're quite calm because its all in the hands of God, whichever way it goes, and just trying to focus on the positive and finding some joy in every day.


Beacee said...

Rosie, a lovely page. Somehow your green always adds a positive note to even a very down message. Thank you for the update on Himself, you are both very much in my prayers. May I add you to our church prayer list?
Love, prayers and a hug,
Barbara x

alexa said...

Continuing to think of you both, Rosie, and hoping that the results come through soon. I so admire your ability to keep making pages (and I suspect that you'd tell me they are a kind of necessity and an anchor point ...). The blue does feel chilly, though your beautifully detailed decorations ease that a little. And I am another fan of that green - I am wearing a pair of shoes that colour as I type :).