Sunday, 28 June 2015


It just goes to show how various and random are the things which can inspire a journal page! I'd painted the page as you see it below - and once again I'd like to point out that backgrounds really don't need to be particularly fancy or clever, particularly when you're planning to cover them up the way I do!

Anyway, my next move was to rummage about in my collage folders, and I came across the word at the bottom of the page "paradise".  I think it might be from a Teesha Moore collage sheet but since it was already cut out I can't be 100% sure.  Anyway, this one word sparked a train of thought ....
So while I was musing on the idea of paradise, and what it might mean for me, I was adding bits of collage and a touch more paint.  I confess to being a bit set in my ways when it comes to colour - if I lay down a blue background I start looking for blue collage elements.  I can't help it, I just got made that way.  Sometimes I try really hard to use a whole mish mash of colour on one page, and it never feels right to me.  So, having painted the background pink and orange (a combination I just LOVE) I began looking for pink and orange collage .... Lately, recognising that I'm not going to change any time soon, I've begun organising my collage materials by colour.  It works for me.
So then I began to add in some black outlining (you can see below how much difference it makes) and those branches which in my mind were "making connections".  I had come to no definite conclusions about paradise in terms of an afterlife, except to acknowledge that if it only involved clouds and harps I'd be very disappointed.  Which turned my mind towards the idea of an earthly paradise.

On our recent holiday to the USA we'd been recommended to visit what turned out to be a really amazing art supplies shop (Sam Flax in downtown Orlando, Florida).  I mentally gave the store a veranda (which it doesn't have in real life) and set myself up with a table in the shade where I could play in my journal, able to pop into the store any time I needed something.
And then to extend my fantasy I thought what interesting characters were likely to pop in and out of an art supply shop, and how much I'd enjoy chatting to people as they came and went.  So there you are - my idea of paradise - a sunny day, a shady veranda, a place to play, limitless art supplies and congenial company!  You could add in the occasional glass of chilled white wine if you like, or perhaps a jug of Pimms is more your thing?  Drinks optional.
Then all that remained was to draw and doodle in the spaces left - and on this occasion I was remarkably restrained and didn't try and fill absolutely every inch, whilst still managing to get plenty of dots and other bits and pieces in.
So when I get to heaven (well, being honest, IF I get there) I hope its something like this.  If you see me there be sure to drop by my table for a chat .... I'll be wearing my pink rose hat. 


Wendy's Mhaaksels said...

Dare! I need to have it to do it myself... So beautiful❤️

jinxxxygirl said...

Be seeing you there my friend! Lovely page!! Hugs! deb

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful page!
I'm a big fan of your style ..

Greetings, Elizabeth

viv said...

Another lovely page, Rosie. It looks like you had a great time in Florida. I think it is time we had a catch up. I'll ring you soon xxx

Beacee said...

Love the page. My sister-in-law, who has a disability, does a lot of exam marking and was suffering with the hot weather. She returned from a doctor's visit to find her husband had set up a gazebo in the garden with table and chair, a vase of sweet peas and her laptop. Not quite paradise but not far off.
Hope all is well with you, love and prayers xxxx

fairykin said...

I am in the passengers seat with my hubby on my phone, saw your art, so enthused by you. I love your imagery, your imagination. Today, hubby ad I went to a small local park to sit, he with gout and me with cyatic pain, looking at the children on bikes, boats going down the river, police getting things ready for fireworks, hubby studying Philippians (he is a pastor) and me entangling. Brought watermelon with us,then a Subway grinder for supper, arriving home, to go on my tablet to find you again and read your blog. Hope you don't mind but I may use some of your color ideas as I listen to Bram's on the radio.
We need to keep things simple and enjoyable in this life. I am going to be 55 next week, had fibro since 15, chronic fatigue, arthritis...My husband is unemployed, losing our house in a nationwide lawsuit with Citibank, being audited by IRS ad Mass Dept. Of Revenue. Life is hard, but God is God. He will do the best for us.