Monday, 10 November 2014


This ended up being a cry from the heart - and one I didn't know was in there until it came out!!  I was just playing around with my Neocolour II crayons as you can see below.  I MADE myself pick up an assortment of colours, because usually once I pick up a blue for example, I reach for other blues, or greens in the same spectrum.  I'm trying to teach myself that more colour is even better, and if they clash that's good too!  The lady in the corner just got added for no good reason, which is why she looks a bit random down there.  She is!
And then I started drawing on the top with a fine black Posca paint pen - I've recently moved away from all other black pens to use this one practically all the time.  It gives a very intense and solid black and although its not possible to get a really fine one (I think this is 0.7) the effects I get with it more than make up for that. Best of all it writes over ANYTHING!
The pink circle in the top left corner is cut from a copy of a journal page, and so is the bottom left shape.  One these were glued down I began to doodle shapes and patterns on top, still with absolutely no idea where this was going - I just put stuff down because I liked it!  I do believe its possible to over-think art journalling and obsess about what to put down, and where, and why.  This is me just going with the flow, and it the result is a bit random that's OK because in the end the process is what I'm about as much as the finished page.

But then, out of my depths popped this heartfelt statement .... literally a cri de coeur, which absolutely NEEDED to be got down on paper.  Its something I've worried about and prayed over endlessly, and you might like to know how I've eventually resolved it?
I'm a great fan of Kaffe Fasset's patterns and tapestry, and in my spiritual journey have come to believe that the entire universe and everything in it makes a pattern of glorious colour and complexity.  Every stitch is exactly where its meant to be, and essential to the whole, but its easy to forget that in our little lives we only see a tiny part of the tapesty, so that often the pattern doesn't make sense because we can't see it all.  That doesn't mean that the pattern isn't there, or that we aren't part of it, or that it isn't beautiful, because it IS.

So in the end that's what I had to remember .... that although the pattern for my life isn't visible I'm a beautiful part of it, meant to be exactly where I am, and it all makes sense to the One who made it all. On the other hand, if she'd like to show me just a tiny bit more .... maybe it would make better sense? No?  OK, I get it - we aren't meant to know ..... sigh.


Cath Wilson said...

Your work is such a blessing, Rosie - thank you so much for sharing it. I've had a really good browse after a long absence and what a treat! God Bless you x

Debs M said...

fabulous page - love the colours and the sentiment!

Giulietta said...

I have heard it said, Rosie, that the actual pattern can't be seen in this world. We see the underneath where all the threads are hanging loose and messy.But in the next life looking down from above we will see a beautiful pattern
However this doesn't make it any easier now. Sorry!
But many thanks as ever for sharing.

Beacee said...

Rosie, thank you for those words. I'm just trying to catch up in a world gone mad since we got back from holiday and the Spirit touched my spirit through you. God bless you, Barbara x

alexa said...

Such a vibrant page ... I love that detailed doodling. I rail at the absence of a very fine pen too - I haven't found anything less than a 0.7 either in Posca. Ah, plans. What would it bring us if we did know - and what might it take away, I'm wondering ...