Sunday, 4 May 2014


Yet more paint splish sploshing about - you'd never guess I used to really hate using the stuff would you?  Below you can see what passes for an "arty" background with me - I was just splodging around on top of a gesso coat, rubbing paint in with a babywipe and then smearing some or all of it off again: nothing very clever but it looked OK.  Its easy to forget that you're going to write/draw all over it, which means it doesn't have to be anything more than a bit interesting.

I also used a mask and some dark blue paint to give me the honeycomb effect, and then for some reason drew a white line across the page with a Posca paint pen.  It must have made sense at the time, but I can't for the life of me remember why!
The writing I then added was done with Promarker - although I am a fan of these I do think the range of blue shades is a bit disappointing, and I've actually added a few blue Copics to my collection to get the colours I want. 
The idea of the unsuspected self really appeals - don't think its original, I probably read it somewhere, but the concept speaks to me.  It works particularly well in terms of journalling for me because, so often, I am amazed by what comes out when I just go with the process and let it happen.  Sometimes  things come out I didn't know I was feeling, or hadn't understood were forming a barrier I needed to get past.  Stuff like that. 
I also have this thing where I get stuck in monochrome mode and work pretty much in one colour the whole way through - shades of blue in this case.  I do admire the work of Teesha Moore and wish that (more often anyway) I could work in the variety of vivid colours she uses.  Its somethng I'm working on but clearly wasn't expressed here. 

There's something almost biological about the structures I've drawn - arterial branches and cells perhaps - an organic element anyway.  It may have been deliberate .... not sure now.
But it makes sense doesn't it - if the body is a temple of the holy spirit then it is also sacred ground, a space which contains all our deepest meaning .... and indeed the unsuspected self, the true self that sometimes we don't even show to ourselves let alone others?

Gosh, I am in reflective mode today!  Its probably because tomorrow we fly up and away - visiting Virginia in the USA.  Fear not, I have packed a small travel journal with prepared background pages, plus some new drawing materials and a notebook ... just in case the spirit moves me to work in one of them.  What's the betting I'll be so busy eating ice-cream and gazing at the views that I forget to do any of it?

See you in a couple of weeks or so. 
Rosie X


Debs M said...

Love the page - the blues are fabulous! Have a great time in the USA x

Traceyr said...

Beautiful page as always.

thalia said...

Really resonate with this page and its organic growth. Also tend to prefer shades of one color rather than contrasting colors.

artdamoiselle said...

This page is lovely, and I totally feel you on the monochromatic front. Going to trawl through more of your work now...

Linda said...

You might guess I'd be drawn to this page......I LOVE those colours :-)
(And where have I seen that girl before?)
I know I'm late and you're already away.....hope you're having a brilliant time! XX