Friday, 22 November 2013


I recently bought a stamping magazine which had a free stamp on the front of a moustache and glasses, and for once I knew right away what I wanted to do with this page!  I dug out this image which I'd cut from a history magazine (charity shop find) and began work on the background below, which I wanted to fit around the picture.
As you can see, Caran d'Ache neocolour II background, and head stuck in place, Bob's your Uncle as we say in the UK.
This was an amazingly quick and easy page to do - some of them just are, and none the worse for that, but I did manage not to write in straight lines.  As I've explained before, my lettering sort of grows, and the way I do it is to write in a very simple form, as you can see below, and then go back and embellish.  I've also taught myself to mix together upper and lower case, and to vary sizes as well.  Just play and have fun!

Then, as I hope the picture below shows, I go back to the beginning and thicken up each letter, adding curly bits to the outer edges and just generally embellishing as it takes my fancy.  I do look at lettering everywhere around me, and note different styles and ways of doing things, and thats how I learn.
So here's the finished result - as I said, a pretty simple page but it works.  This is something of a heartfelt cry, as anonymity is something you crave when you don't have it. 
But some days you just feel grumpy and want to go out without putting your face on or combing your hair, or most of all being nice to anybody.  Where did I put that hat?


Debs M said...

great page x

viv said...

I love the page and I had a laugh when I saw it. xxx

alexa said...

You really made me smile here! Your heart felt cry resonates :). Any chance of a short bus ride to another town where you can hide out?