Tuesday, 17 September 2013


When asked the (routine) question "how are you" most of us say "fine" without thinking about it.  However, its long been a soapbox of mine that we shouldn't do that, so now when somebody claims to be "fine" I stop them and ask, "how are you really"?  This makes it plain that I'm really asking, not just mouthing polite pleasantries, and genuinely willing to listen to the truthful answer.  Try it and see, its a very powerful thing to do.

But of course, when it comes to myself ... its more difficult!  Let's face it, which of my friends and family really wants to know about my daily struggles with chronic pain and variable symptoms?  Its all a bit much to take on really, so I rarely give a completely truthful answer, preferring something non-specific like "good in parts", which covers all eventualities!  I SO don't want to become a moaning minnie type, always complaining ... so if you see me doing so you have my permission to tell me off very firmly indeed.

This page began with my trusty Neocolour crayons, some lettering out of my clippings box and a picture of Greta Garbo looking thoroughly fed  up!
Then as you can see below I set out my stall in terms of what I wanted to write about.  I really like squishing up the letters to fit the space, as I did in the word "question".
Didn't do nearly as much doodling and fiddling about with this as usual - it didn't seem to require it really, although I did have a go at poor Greta who looked altogether too beautiful and healthy.  Not sure why she ended up with a moutache though ....
I do like putting in arrows to lead the eye through the text, not to mention filling up big spaces, and the rest is just some white doodling and a rubber stamp.

So go on then, ask me how I am?  "Oh well, you know, good in parts" I may well reply, which is true.  Don't hang about after that though or I may regale you with the details of this flippin bad back I can't seem to shake off, although I am treating it with tried and tested home remedies such as chocolate cookies and Jack Daniels whiskey....


alexa said...

Your page is, as ever, beautifully put together - the little bits of white standing out against those blues ... Love the facial doodling! She looks right royally fed up, your masculine Greta. I wonder if she is tempted to be really 'ballsy' with that moustache - just tell it like it is and let people do whatever they will do with it? :)

viv said...

Chocolate cookies and Jack Daniels sound like good medicine to me.
I know what you mean about people asking "how are you" but a lot of the time I get the feeling they really don't want to know. I only tell real friends and people who also have ME/fibro how I really feel.
I love your page. The colours are great and so appropriate

Anonymous said...

Sums up how I feel too!!!
Fibro has been very trying ! I never know how much to reveal to people.
Just found your blog...love it!
I just started art Journalling as I'm taking time off work to deal with my symptoms.
Love your journals.