Saturday, 9 March 2013


I finally made a page about something that has irritated me all my life - I'm one of five children and most of the others have red hair, real carrot tops.  Not me, mine is so dark as to be almost black ... although there are some advantages, in that even as a grandmother there is very little grey in it.  Apparently my grandfather (from whom I inherited my colouring) was exactly the same.

Anyway, I was trying to be brave and work outside my comfort zone again, getting out paint and stencils ...  WHY doesn't this feel remotely natural to me, its not as if I don't like the results! Who can say why something lights your fire and something else doesn't?  I think the paint thing is probably to do with the fact that I prefer watercolour, but I've got a huge stash of acrylics that I feel obliged to use up ...
I'd cut out this picture from a magazine just knowing that I could do something with it, and so enthusiastic was I that I forgot to take pictures of the stages between the above and below images.  Ah well, you may be unsurprised to learn that I'm not actually perfect ... except in the cat's eyes.  OK, not even in his.
I have been challenging myself not to write in straight lines, or make all my letters the same size, and do seem to have achieved that here.  I admit it, I'm a straightist, and yes I do straighten pictures.  Sigh.  Another challenge was not to be scared of empty space (I have had a tendency to fill every inch with doodles and decorations).
Anyway, there it is, and I not only feel better for getting that grumble off my chest but actually (if I'm being scrupulously honest) I now realise that I rather like my hair just as it is.  Oh the joys of getting older and being (almost) entirely comfortable in your own skin ... I recommend it! :)


Carol Q said...

well I HATED being a red head as a child and only appreciated it once I got older, especially now I can get the frizz out and straighten it lol. great pages as usual Rosie. I'm always impressed that you manage to put things down on paper. I just can't do it. Also.. being a straightest makes me happy!

viv said...

My youngest daughter isn't a redhead, she has the odd red hair here and there but she has 2 little boys who are both deep red. I love it but I don't know how they will feel as they get older.KAT

viv said...

PS. Love your page

Sandra Hall said...

Another great page Rosie... I do like the green and purple colour combo and the red headed image really makes your page pop. x

Anne with an e said...

i love the colours & pics you used here :)
lol there are a lot of fake redheads in my family.. A lot of started off with strawberry blonde or auburn hair when we were little.. but the red would kind of fade out as we got older. I have one cousin who kept her red hair & everyone is a little jealous ;)

Barbara Hagerty said...

I love this page, Rosie!

My daughter started out with hair so red I thought I'd given birth to a little rooster. But after several incarnations--by the time she was one years old her hair was dark brown, by the time she was two it had progressively lightened to blonde, then got blonder and blonder until she was twelve, then it began to settle into the medium brown that she is today at age 21, and probably will stay.

Each of my mother's siblings had different hair color: red, black, brown, platinum. If they hadn't all had the same facial features, you'd never have believed they came from the same parents.

I do love the stenciling! And the purple and green with the bright red-orange hair! It is a gorgeous page!

Linda said...

A lovely fun bright and cheery! Have you ever thought of having a few reddish streaks? (I think they're called 'lowlights').