Tuesday, 12 June 2012


This is a slightly unusual journal entry for me - I was working on the reverse of a page where inks had bled through, so I used an offcut of Basic Grey paper.  I must have been in scrapbook mode because I added these bits and pieces somewhat in that style.  Its good to explore different ways of working isn't it, and I do have to confess to loving brownish grungey vintagey work ... which was where this was headed.

I'd put the numbers because my original idea was for a page to do with counting the days of my life and making them all count, but somehow it didn't turn out like that!  Ever had that happen?  It does to me, a LOT, or maybe I'm just an easily distracted airhead?  Perfectly possible ...

Anyway, as you can see I ended up writing "do what you can" on this page.  I didn't mean to but this is what popped out, and I always go with that feeling.  If something wants to come out its better to let it, right?  Go with the flow as they say.
And in the end it turned into a relatively simple page - I hardly doodled on it at all (not like me) but it didn't seem to need it.

Of course the woman in the window represents me - always looking out for the next thing (and worrying about it), and forgetting to live fully in the present.  That's the message to myself - you don't have to wait for circumstances to be exactly right; just have a go, dive in anyway!!
Haven't quite worked out what the numbers represent - maybe waiting (wasted) time when I could have been getting on with it?

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roc said...

Wonderful page Rosie!