Friday, 2 December 2011


Wild horses wouldn't drag the truth out of me in terms of who I wrote this page about - too incriminating! However, am pleased to report that sloping off and writing this did increase my tolerance level, if only briefly.

More trusty Promarkers (you must be bored of hearing about them) so I won't go on about it. In a chicken or egg situation am not sure whether I've just found the confidence to draw more, or perhaps its that PMs so lend themselves to colouring that it naturally evolved. Anyway, working like this does seem to be a truly natural way of working for me ... and lately I'm feeling as if my journal pages are truly my own, and not just a sincere imitation of someone else's style.

But back to the subject .... my get out clause if challenged is that (obviously) this page isn't actually about me and my reactions, because the person in the picture doesn't look like me, not one bit. Or is that a psychological ploy on my part to distance myself from negative feelings? Who cares? The page was therapeutic and that's all I'm gonna admit to ...
Maybe everyone has moments like this ... tell me its not just me, please!! If I was really assertive I would be able to say calmly "please stop doing that, I find it very annoying" but I wasn't brought up that way. Don't let it stop you coming round - its not you, honest!!

PS Please tell me if you think this font is annoying - I rather liked it!


Ali said...

I'm loving your ProMarker pages. :D Can I ask a technical question though? What paper are you using in your journal, as I find ProMarkers bleed through onto the reverse side of even thick paper? Or are you doing a page and then gluing two pages together to hide the bleed-through?


Alix said...

ha haa love the page rosie...but oooooh that font is hard to read :(

Karenliz said...

I love your page! I feel that way sometimes too. I'm not that nice I tell the person your annoying. Otherwise it just won't stop!

I love the font but it is a little hard to read.

Juls said...

such a brill page! Hugs Juls