Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This was a very heartfelt page made after my beloved had had to cut up my food for me! I admit it, I panicked a bit ....! It's hard not to mind about increasingly losing your independence, but I managed to laugh about it eventually, and making this helped. I'm rather pleased with it as another step in my progress as a Promarker user, as I learn how to combine colours and do shading.
But it started like this - inspired by some work I saw in Stampington's Art Journalling magazine. As before, the work is prepared in black and white and only then is colour added. It's something that doesn't quite come naturally, but I have been pleased with the experiments I've undertaken so far. As you can see below, I didn't complete the whole page without colour, but added it here and there as I went along.
Its funny but colouring around the journalling and drawn shapes is actually easier, so this might be the way I'm going to go. Working like this and developing my drawing skills seems to be pressing my buttons anyway, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
And this is the finished result - it seems to work really well leaving some white space around things, which is just as well because the pens do bleed somewhat on this watercolour paper. They come through to the other side as well, but that's OK because I always glue two sheets together to make a thicker base to work on. Even then it can still come through a bit, but I've learned the hard way what techniques will and won't work on the reverse of one of these.
I'm looking forward to doing more pages like this anyway. Does anybody know of any Promarker tutorials or classes you can go to - there must be so much I need to learn about these.


Sarah xx said...

Oh this is a stunning beautiful and heartfelt page - I love it! Try looking on Youtube for some video tutorials - they seem to have them for most things xxx

Sue said...

I like the sort of white shadow effect you get around the letters/words/images you get by colouring after the journalling.....interesting!! A shame I don't write much on my pages :)

Sherry Edwards said...

Your journal page is so heartfelt - and simply beautiful!

I only know of one blog with Promarker tutorials, don't know if it's the sort of thing you're looking for, but it may be worth a look


Take care xx

Beacee said...

Another beautiful page!
I can sympathise fully with the feelings you express. Chris and I suffer from ME - and we know those bad days only to well. Love and prayers, Barbara x

alexa said...

Oh, that's tough - but how life-enhancing to make such a pretty page of it. :)

Lisa said...

I love your art and especially this page. When going through my battle with breast cancer, my love did those things for me that I couldn't do. I realized how blessed I am to have someone who will stick with me in the bad times too! Your art has inspired me to change my journaling from the "dear diary" style to something much more creative and me...but can't seem to get past that blank page! I will continue to visit your blog for courage to begin! Have a blessed day!

Muckypup said...

For someone, who not so many months ago was just testing the water with art journaling, you are really flying now! This page is beautiful and your honesty is really refreshing! Take care Rosie