Thursday, 21 July 2011


We all have scary demons that keep us awake nights - right? Well lucky you if you don't, but I do! But I have found that from childhood monsters upwards, things are more frightening when you allow them to grow and become huge in the dark. So my policy has been to bring fears into the light and take a long hard look at them. Somehow they are almost always less scary when you do this, and just occasionally they disappear. That's what I was trying to write about here.

I was also trying to be more adventurous with colour sprays, but ended up with a background that was truly vivid but a bit dark for writing on!
This page makes me smile whenever I look at it. I don't think of myself as brave - I'm prey to all kinds of fears and worries, as we all are. But I do try to overcome these things. It even works sometimes ....


Liz (Chubby Frog) said...

Hi Rosie

This page is brilliant. I love the sentiment that inspired it - but have to confess that I found your scary demons actually quite cute.

Best wishes

Sarah said...

this is SO true

We have some money problems at the mo and I have been too scared to confront them - haven't even dared look at my bank balance in over a year - but I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago, went through all my statements, worked out exactly how much we are spending on everything, where we can make cuts etc. The money problems are still there, of course, but now I feel so much more in control and like I can actually dig myself out of this hole (eventually)

And yes, your demons are super cute!!!!

Aisling said...

This is a most wonderful page! Love the colours, the sentiment and the demons. It's soooo funny, but so true. Thanks for sharing!

gillyb's crafting blog said...

this is just so so brilliant - love it lots.

alexa said...

Love your depiction of the little demons! So true - the light of day makes them fade.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Rosie,
I found you through Linda! So happy I did. Just love your journaling style. I'm following so I'll be back. :)
Have a wonderful weekend.

muriel said...

Hello! What you wrote is all so true!It's only recently (I'm past fifty years old)that I started looking at my demons in a different way and it sure changes my life. And I agree with everybody: your demons are quite cute.

Linda said...

You could write a story about these little characters....they are lovely!!