Sunday, 27 February 2011


Wouldn't care to tell you how long ago it was that I learned Latin .... but to my amazement I can still decline this one verb in all its tenses! It was obviously lesson one and nothing else thereafter managed to stick. Anyway, this is a journal page I made on a base of Basic Grey paper - love that stuff. It concerns the Soul Restoration course I recently completed - which was so powerful that I wanted to be sure I remembered all the things I learned.
I suppose what I've written is pretty much self-explanatory, though not necessarily the idea of sending toxic people in your life to the moon? I liked that part - and the lunar surface now has a number of new inhabitants sent there from the darkest corners of my life! Send yours there too, still masses of room left.
I also loved the message which told us to "go where the peace is". Such a simple statement yet very powerful, so that's how I'm trying to live from now on. Even in the midst of getting ready to move house it still seems to work - there's almost always a peaceful corner to hide out in for a while ....


Doone said...

Niall is the product of a good Irish Priests School Education, Gaelic Latin and English

and he corrects my English Grammer

I think i love him?

I Do Love your work and your Words,


Gez said...

Brilliant page. I can definately think of one or two I'd like to send to the Moon!
Good Luck with your packing..xx

Sandra Hall said...

Wonderful page Rosie...and good therapy I suspect. And get you with the latin! I'm impressed :)
Hope the preparations for your move are running smoothly. x

Theresa said...

Great inspiration Rosie! Love all the truth cards too.