Saturday, 24 April 2010


I was going to buy my soon to be 5 years old grand-daughter a birthday card when my DD3 said "don't do that - make her one!". Fair enough, thinks me, but I did come up against the problem of not really having any suitable stamps, so I went for nice simple flowers and a pink theme. These are some of my newest stamps (Poly Clear by Hero Arts) and at the moment they're turning up on everything! I was quite pleased with this when DD3 hove by again, looked over my shoulder and said "it's a bit grown up isn't it?". She's right of course, so I put it to one side saying "but I haven't got any stamps suitable for a little girl." DD3 said "well draw her a fairy or something" ... so I did. The first one was a bit wonky and I'd forgotten to use a waterproof pen, so I could colour it.

So anyway, I had another go and quite surprised myself - I'd forgotten I could draw! I used to do it a lot - landscapes and stuff - but haven't for years and years. I know its a bit cute and I'm always saying that I don't do cute but ... well its not about what I like here is it?

So DGD1 will be getting this fairy for her birthday and I have rediscovered my cute side (not)! Maybe I'll go and draw something else now .... or maybe I'll just lie in the garden for a bit and recover from my efforts?


Kaz said...

It's perfect for a 5 year old grandaughter Rosie, she will love it.
I'm so envious of your drawing skill, it's brilliant xx

Alix said...

lol my have discovered your inner cute, eh?
whizzybell will love her!!!

Crissi Harvey said...

The fairy card is perfect your grandaughter is going to love it and the flower card is lovely to.

have a good weekend Rosie

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Rosie - you so do cute and you so can draw! What a fab image, and perfect card.

Linda said...

Oh you clever girl...I'm in awe of you!
BTW I'd be very happy to receive the first one for my birthday if you don't know what to do with it ;-)
Linda x

Ann said...

Having found your blog Via WOYWW I'm really inpressed with your art work. Wow! Wish I could draw like you. A fab card for a little girl. And the grown up version is mighty fine too!