Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I sat down yesterday to make some ATCs but ended up producing this instead - and in my favourite vintage style too! It's been so long since I did much in the altered art line, I was beginning to think inspiration had deserted me. However, after a dry spell, it would appear to be back! This piece is about 4.5" x 4" and is based on a wooden block Linda gave me for my birthday.

I painted it with toffee brown acrylic and then added a paper of Basic Grey paper to each side (don't you just love their grungey papers?). I had this idea not so much about the work/life balance thing that everyone seems to be talking about these days, but the separation which often exists between work life and home life - well it did for me anyway! So the front is about home and family and the reverse is to do with offices and work. I'm SO pleased to have made anything at all, let alone something I actually like!

Most of the elements are from various collage sheets, although the little house on the front is a stamp from Invoke Arts, and the swirly bits are also a stamp. I made the key on the reverse from Delight Clay and painted it with metallic black, then rubbed it with bronze to provide an accent.


Linda said...

What a lovely house - its a perfect example of Rosie-Art!! Nice that its reversible too.....
Glad to see you enjoying making art.
Linda xx

*jean* said...

oo rosie, this is gorgeous! glad you are back!

Kimmie said...

That's really cool! I love the idea of working on a block - it stands alone and you can put it just about anywhere!

Glad you're back too :)

Lynn said...

Just when you think you had lost your inspiration, it comes back :)In a big way too, this is a wonderful altered house shape.
I have one too, Linda sent it in our swap and I have no idea what I will do with it yet, sometimes you just have to start on something and go from there :)