Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 has been going rather well, but this does mean that I don't get much time left over for doing arty stuff!

I did however manage this homage to Cath Kidston, in my altered tissue box. We recently bought some very pretty bedding which is sort of son of CK (actually it's V & A Collection) and I was looking at the pattern and thinking "I've got a stamp just like that". So I used whatever I could find to make something in harmony with the design and am delighted with the result. It might need a layer of Mod Podge just to seal it.

Now ... back to Chapter 18, in which our heroine realises she is pregnant ...


Lynn said...

This is just so pretty Rosie :)
I don't think I have seen the square boxes of tissues in such a long time, hope you still have them over there across the pond.

Linda said...

How lovely; that will look perfect in your bedroom (with the new bedding!) I can hardly believe you've written 18 chapters Rosie....I am in awe of you my friend.