Wednesday, 22 July 2009

LOOK!! ... I made some ATCs

Two Central ATCs now traded - left and right still available.

I know it probably doesn't seem terribly exciting to you, but I am so pleased that I actually made some ATCs yesterday! The thing is although I usually love doing them, and made far more than I ever managed to trade, I'd sort of stopped dead. Don't know why, it just happened ... and I missed it! So I was delighted when I found myself able to sit down and just make some ...

I seem to have been having a funny five minutes with the green one, and not quite sure if the lower pink one works - I had 3 goes at that one!! Anyway if you like any of them, how would you like to do a trade??


Linda said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself Rosie! My favourite is the PW girl and butterfly - beautiful images. (I'll swap you something for that one)
Linda x

Ed said...

I love the lower pink one, with the blue butterfly and Picasso sayingt - it works perfectly for me, and I would love to swap with you Rosie..
Pop over to Ed's ATC stuff and see if there is anything you fancy there.
Here's the Link hopefully