Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Just back from Florida ... where far from wall to wall sunshine we actually experienced a six day tropical storm in which it rained buckets the whole time .... However, in such circumstances the tough go shopping, so I did - to Michael's, Jo-Anns and any and every other shop I could think of. Below you can see the stuff I bought from my US Stampin Up contact - a chance to buy a few things not in the UK Catalogue!


On the right above is the USA themed scrapbook stash I bought to to complete our travel album. I make an album out of every trip we do, and it's wonderful on a cold winter night to get them out and relive happy times.

I invested in quite a lot of wooden blanks - particularly birdhouses - which weigh very little and are such fun to work on. Many of these were sale or clearance items and I only wish I could have got some of the bigger ones home!!

More pictures tomorrow as I gradually unpack and try to find homes for everything ..... Can't wait to have time to actually PLAY with this stuff!!


Linda said...

O you lucky girl, what lovely treasures!!! Those bird houses are gorgeous; can't wait to see more.

Glad you're back though....
Linda x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Sorry you got rained on Rosie, thank you for helping our economy tho :)
You are a good shopper and that is a fun feature of being away from home.

Jaqi said...

My oh My , even more ( Im working backwards sorry) Glad you had a fantastic time , all these brilliant purchases will slot right into your new crafting room just fine and no doubt you will be showing us some great creations very soon, I cant wait. Welcome Home, Jaqi x