Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Look?

Well how do you like my new look? I think the header needs work, but that's not something I'm clever at, and the person who made my old one very cheaply has given up, so it may have to stay as it is.

I was feeling the itch to revamp - in fact I toyed with the idea of closing this blog down and starting something new and different - and it may still be a work in progress. I feel like a different person to the one who began blogging ... and my focus is less on ATCs than it used to be.

I'd like the new revamped blog to reflect and reveal more of me as a person - which I wasn't quite ready to do before - and the breadth of things I get up to. Hope you'll stay with me on the journey? I've also been meaning to apologise for the fact that I don't get around to other blogs as often as I'd like - computer time makes my neck hurt so much that I have to limit it, so I tend to focus on just a few.

And by the way - we found out last night that our third grandbaby will be another little girl - and my poor daughter was so hoping for a boy this time. You have to just love what you're given don't you? She'll be welcome whatever.


ooglebloops said...

I like the new backround - I'll have to check out putting one up on mine. Congrats on the new granddaughter!!!

pammyjo said...

Wonderful look. I know what you mean about changing, and your focus changes. I think we all change and evolve with our life, loves, art, and so should our blog expressions. Very pretty!

*jean* said...

Hi Rosie - love your new blog look!! Very nice!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahh good news about the new baby grand daughter! Another girl to spoil!
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
Also, I think you header looks fine!

Jaqi said...

I like your new background, its fine if you decide to move away from atcs.....just dont stop altogether . You are an inspiration and I certainly wouldnt want to not be able to visit somewhere to see your work, so whatever you do I will still follow you LOL.
Little girls are lovely and im sure your daughter will get used to the idea....maybe she will have to keep trying for a little boy hehehe.......then eventually he will have lots of big sisters to boss him around. Jaqi x