Friday, 12 December 2008


I've been doing a bit more work on my pink book today (after making another 2 dozen mince pies). I showed some other pages earlier, and it's such fun to work on, it always makes me smile while I'm doing it! Unfortunately it's still rather a slim book and I do need to add more to it, but I'm beginning to run out of ideas - so if you have any let's hear them!!

The stuff in my bag has become very pink, so I emptied it out and photographed the contents! If there doesn't look much I should explain that I use a very small bag with a long strap which I can wear across my body, so that my hands are free for crutches or zimmer frame. Having a very small bag concentrates the mind wonderfully when it comes to the stuff you really need ...

And then I wanted to explain that pastel pinks just don't cut it - if the colour is going to shout "hey, over here" then it has to be full-blown fuschia, bright, brilliant PINK.


Linda said...

'Bright pink and proud of it'...I love that Rosie!!
Great are an inspiration!
Linda xx

Sue said...

Hi Rosie - I have left something for you on my blog. I agree pink should be PINK not pale and wishy washy. How about pink slippers and dressing gowns and gerberas and anything pink and lime green.