Monday, 22 April 2019


It was a great pleasure recently to find one of my pages saved in someone's Pinterest folder of art journal inspiration.  It also served to remind me of a technique I haven't used in a while - that of drawing wavy lines across the page in which to write.

But first a simple background of lime green paint in two shades, blotted off with a wet wipe to give some interest and texture.
Then came the lines drawn across and the beginnings of some collage elements.  I once took colour copies of an old journal in order to re-use some elements in new pages ... and promptly forgot about them.  However, this pennant saying "there are times when I wonder" was one of those pieces, and it was enough to get me thinking ... and wondering.
We are at a time in our lives when we're poised between an unexpected calling which will take us on into pastures new, and trying to decide what to keep of the old life we've made here.  I know what I ought to do is just stay calm and let things like where we might be going to live unfold, but I'm not made that way.  This means I spend far too much time speculating about the shape of the future, and looking back at other times and places to learn what I can from them.
So that's what I found myself doing as I continued into the doodly phase of the process - which actually lends itself very well to the reflective process.
I know I need to learn how to spend more time in the present, just appreciating what is here and now ... and maybe this time of relative uncertainty is a gift in which to do just that?


alexa said...

I think your final sentence is spot on :). I love the colours here and the wavy lines - they just seem to underscore the wobbliness of moving between past and present.

Liz Wiz said...

So colorful! I love it!

Dawn said...

I think I have lots of your pages in my Pinterest arty journal inspiration folder! This page will be there too. It's one of my favourite favourites. Love the mix of colours and shapes. I always find it difficult to not dwell on the past, hindsight is always a wonderful thing. It's a solid thing whereas the future is always such a wibbly wobbly timey whimey thing xx