Sunday, 25 March 2018

GRATEFUL .... (very)

Back from holiday, and although I've done a little work in my journal, most of it isn't for public consumption.  I do try to anonymise most of what I write about, but sometimes it IS just too personal to share.

On the first day of our holiday there was a death in the family, which left us trying to respond and organise some things from a distance ... never easy.

Nonetheless, it was warm and sunny and we managed to enjoy ourselves a lot of the time.  Returning to cold dark days and a funeral was a shock to the system, but in the aftermath there are many many things I feel deeply grateful for.  There was more than I could fit on a page really ... but this is the result.

I painted my page turquoise first, then added this glorious teal colour around the edge and roughly blended the two.  As I'm always saying - no need for fancy backgrounds when you're going to do a lot of work on top.
Then I began to add bits and pieces of collage, and (unusually for me) a photo face from a catalogue. When I do this I always make lots of changes to the picture to avoid copyright issues, and so that it becomes something original and unique.
Then it was out with the white Posca paint pen and lots of doodling, which joined everything together into something whole rather than random and unconnected.
And then all that remained was to write from the heart ... I almost never write quotes etc - this is MY journal and I generally prefer to use my own words.  Anything else might diminish its therapeutic value.
I know this is rather a brief posting - there is a lot going on in my life right now, not to mention the start of Holy Week.  I do, however, have a huge amount to be grateful for ....
Rosie X


Jen said...

Hello! I have just discovered your beautiful work, and am happily working through the years of your blog. You are sooooo talented, and I am really grateful to you for sharing. Had no knowledge of Modigliani ladies until I saw yours - and now I love them too! Take good care, Jen

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous and I really appreciate the simplicity and the way you mixed your media and used your own words. I'm new to art journaling and have felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ways and techniques out there on YouTube and blogs; your straightforward, heartfelt approach was extremely refreshing and inspiring to me-- thank you! Take it easy... Tam -PS: I found you through Pinterest, in case you're keeping track of such things. ♥️

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing from your heart, and for sharing your beautiful work. You are an inspiration!

Cath Wilson said...

So sorry for your loss, Rosie. It always comes as a bit of a shock, however much we were expecting it (or not).

I'm pleased you can be thankful - it makes such a huge difference to how we deal with things. I recently lost my Dad and I can attest to that. It doesn't take away the pain, but it helps when we can see a purpose in someone's life.

I so LOVE your work. I'm pleased you also keep some pages private - that makes me feel more 'normal' because I do a lot of journaling I would never share...;-)

Praying for you.

Cath x