Sunday, 17 June 2012


The background for this page represents a bold step for me - I not only started a double spread but I actually got out the ink sprays that I never use, and squirted them around liberally!  It did make a pretty awful MESS of my desk, and a lot more stuff ended up green than I really wanted, but I was quite pleased by the result.  If I can figure out how not to spread the ink around quite as generously I might even do it again - I did cover up the central spine with masking tape, and that part worked well.
Anyway, it was one of those times when I was just playing with no particular idea of where the pages might be going, so I got my collage sheets out and stuck a few images down with no great design to them except that I liked how they looked.  Ah but then ... I got the email from my friend announcing the launch of her new book.  Dear Reader, do not continue unless you can face the revelation that I am (alas) not such a good person as I'd like to be.
Turns out that I have a MEAN streak and that my primary emotion (even though I emailed back immediately to say how marvellous etc) was to feel ... well, just a teensy weensy bit jealous.  OK I admit it, green with envy would be nearer the mark.  So I confessed all to my journal, which actually made me feel a bit better!
Through this confessional process I got my inner child shoved back in her box and finished off the pages with wiggly lines in fine black, white, and silver pens.  Doodling away is when I'm happiest, just decorating with no particular direction in mind ... its soothing really, a bit like colouring when you're little?

Anyway, I did eventually manage to be genuinely glad that my clever friend writes books that get published even though mine don't.  I have a lot of other things to be thankful for, its just that its hard to remember that ALL of the time.

Yours regretfully


Carol Q said...

lol - I like to think I'm a wonderfully kind generous person, always pleased with my friends' good luck but sad to say Rosie I have certainly felt like you - never mind we can keep trying lol! love your shade of green

Liz (Chubby Frog) said...

I love the honesty with which you write your journal pages and hope that you find as much release in it as I do with mine. I also love the colours that you use - they always blend so beautifully and the shapes look just right.

Maybe the green-eyed monster might be calmed by the realisation that you are publishing your own book, just in a different format to that which you may have imagined.

I get a lot of inspiration from your journal pages and love 'reading your book'.
Best wishes

roc said...

i think your background turned out wonderful rosie!

BEX said...

Just found your blog - you have done some beautiful things.

Pat Beaumont said...

Fabulous pages