Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Sorry for my long absence but this is literally the only page I've managed in the six weeks since our house move.  In that time I've been thinking that I might choose to put my pages up on Pinterest rather than maintain this blog, which seems to me to have reached the end of the road.

I'll leave it here and see how it goes.  If lots of people protest and say "no!  keep the blog going" then I might ... but lets wait and see.

The move went great, we're thrilled with our new home.  Its lovely to be in a village community again and our neighbours are wonderful.  Couldn't ask for more.


Connie said...

I love your art posts so I would be very sad to see it go. However, if it’s much easier for you to maintain through Pinterest, I’ll try to find you there. I’m so happy that your move went well and I hope that you find much happiness there. I find your art so beautiful and interesting as well as a place to express yourself. I’ve kept journals throughout the years and now to express myself through art journaling is a favorite of mine. Take care.

Unknown said...

I love your work and will follow you on Pinterest , I hope that makes things easier for you


où que vous soyez je vous suivrai ! enfin de façon virtuelle ! si vous donnez votre adresse Pinterest !!! Instagram ?
En premier lieu prenez soin de vous !
à bientôt où vous voudrez nous emmener !

ct said...

i understand you may choose to use pinterest only - i tell ya - i love your posts and look forward to your beautiful artwork. You are so talented. I too will follow you on pinterest. Where ever i need to go to see your work is ok by me. Make your life happy.

Artyjen said...

Please let us know your Pinterest address/name so that we can find you there. I'm much more into Instagram these days.
Love seeing your pages even if comments are rare! Hope to find you wherever you decide to share your work :)
Glad your move went well,
xoxo Sioux

Dawn said...

It's been great to see your pages here, but I do follow Pinterest and think I have you added already. Take care of yourself and I am so glad that you are settled in at last. Take time now to enjoy the moments after all that stress and hassle! Just try not to overdo things (easier said than done I know) Thankyou for all your inspiration over the years xx

Dawn said...

All these years and I didn't realise you created ATCs too! They are very pretty and I recommend everyone else who has missed them to have a look at them on your website. Going this time promise xx

Nel Wisse said...

How wonderful that you are settled in the new village.
May God bless you in the new envireonment.

So sorry that you decided to leave!
Not only your collages are wonderful, you thoughts are helpful and often healing.
I can't wait to see your next Artsy work on your blog.
Please stay!!

Greetings from the Netherlands.

Rosemary said...

I'll miss your blog if you decide to move to Pinterest, but understand why you may feel this way. I like reading your processes and motivations.

Christa said...

Will miss your blog and the 'how to" of your creative and thoughtful pages. Will try to find you on Pinterest. Best wishes for a lovely and less stressful life in your new home.

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Simply_jae said...

just found you...I would miss you....I am lost....trying to find my way home