Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Journalling is a brilliant way to work through something which has got right on your nerves .... it will be obvious that somebody had once you've read the words on this, but it was a couple of months back and I'm over it now!!

In our organisation there is somebody who, more than once, has spoken a quiet word in the ear of somebody I'm close to, in the certain knowledge that this will then be relayed to me.  I can't be alone in finding this pretty infantile ... if you have something to say, come find me and we'll talk about it.  Nuff said anyway - that's exactly what this person isn't grown up enough to do, so even though I could force the issue by confronting them ... in the interests of peace between us all I won't.  Doesn't mean it didn't get right up my nose though.

So there I was with a ready made (Neocolour Crayons) background and a set of letter stamps and this is what happened ...
And before I knew it I'd got stuff off my chest and onto the page, all the while rehearsing the pithy things I would have to say on the subject.  Of course none of them were actually said, but thinking about it and composing a fine speech took the wind out of my sails and (most of) the irritation out of my heart soon enough.
And once that had happened I was free to doodle away - you know how much I enjoy that.  Touches of zentangle about this too - a technique I admire and don't use as often as I might.
The doodly bits were a visual representation of creeping rumours, and whispers in the dark, and all that stuff I hate so much because I'm a dead straight and up front sort of gal.  I work hard at responding like an adult and get frustrated when the inner child of others is clearly in control.  This kind of passive/aggressive behaviour lights my blue touch paper ...
Did I say I was over it?  Hmmmm apparently not, obviously more prayer necessary not to mention forgiveness on my part.  Hard isn't it?


  1. Firstly just love the colours in your background Rosie and your zentangling and doodling is brilliant - Im practising doodling but it doesnt come naturally to me and secondly I am so with you on your sentiments, put on your big girl/boy pants people and face up to what you want to say - I hate people who make the bullets expecting others to fire them

  2. Really awesome colors!! Your work is really beautiful!!

  3. I really empathise with your feelings and thought on this; and love the way that greens gold shades into the turquoise blue. I still find it so fascinating watching your page unfold ...

  4. Thank you for posting this. It has inspired me to share my story, too with the same emotional baggage. It's really difficult to act upon something like that; thank you for sharing, really. I don't feel alone already :) PS Your symbolisms are pretty cool! I can relate to almost all the things you narrate when you explain your work detail by detail :)Keep up and thank you for inspiring me to do the same , too. :)


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